Gravel Stabilisation Grids

Acer Paving & Landscaping are Approved Installers of Ecogrid permeable plastic paving. We install Ecogrid gravel stabilisers in permeable shingle driveways and parking areas, with recent installations in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire Oxfordshire and Worcestershire. Ecogrid porous paving has a multitude of other uses which are listed in the section below:

About Ecogrid

Ecogrid is a plastic porous paving product, it comes in three different depths and four different load bearing capacities. Ecogrid is a permeable paving class leader with by far the best patented locking system that you would expect from the world leader in it’s field and a world leader for the past six years.

Ecogrid needs no spikes or time consuming clips to assemble and is THE proven product for a myriad of uses.

Ecogrid is TUV tested for loads of 350/250 and 120 tonnes per square metre, however these tests are carried our empty, giving an accurate test of the load bearing quality of the grid alone. Other grid manufacturers show their load capacities as full grids, if we did this; we would show twice our published capacities at 240/500 and 700 tonnes per square metre!

Ecogrid is a ground reinforcement product made from recycled polyethylene. It is THE solution for car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, picnic areas, golf courses, parks, fire lanes, event areas and horse paddocks. Ecogrid is an environmentally friendly alternative for use in domestic driveways, Airfield runways and taxi ways, reinforcement of roadsides, banks, shores and slopes. Ecogrid is a sustainable ground reinforcement tile that provides excellent water drainage. Ecogrid comes in four different sizes and three different colours. Black green and brown.

Recent Installations

Acer were asked recently to suggest a solution to replace a large area of unsightly concrete with a shingle parking area. The property was near Evesham in Worcestershire and other contractors had suggested breaking up 350 square metres of concrete to allow shingle to be laid. They were correct in saying that shingle cannot be laid directly on hard paving because it would slip all over the place and be a mess in no time. Breaking up all the concrete would have been very expensive and that’s where our knowledge of gravel stabilisers and when to use concrete formliners provided the ideal solution.

Ecogrid gravel stabilisers allow shingle to be laid over concrete or tarmac whilst avoiding slipping or rutting. The concrete sloped and naturally drained in this instance so the process simply involved laying the grids and filling them with Cerney shingle.

shingle stabiliser grid pavinglay shingle on concrete

The above two photo’s show a portion of the concrete parking area still visible as we started to lay the stabilisation grids.

gravel porous paving stabilisersEcogrid installers

The Ecogrid system is securely fixed together quite quickly, with the entire 500 square metres used on this project fitted in two days, including some preparatory work, two skips of old shingle removed and 40 tonne of shingle spread and leveled!

Worcestershire porous paving installershingle laid over concrete paving

As part of this refurbishment of the parking and driveway in general, we also laid 150 square metres of the Ecogrid panels over the existing gravel driveway entrance. Stabilisation grids are an excellent addition to a shingle driveway, they prevent rutting and pothole repair by minimizing crushing, thus lowering the maintenance significantly and extending the life of the driveway.

Worcestershire gravel stabilisation grid shingle driveecogrid shingle stabiliser



Once the grids are filled, the transformation of the old concrete is dramatic! Where there was panels of tired looking concrete paving, now there is an attractive shingle parking area. With the Ecogrid installed underneath, maneuvering and walking on the shingle is so much easier.

wiltshire shingle paving installersplastic porous paving with gravel

Cerney gravel was used in this instance but we regularly specify crushed flint, (Newbury flint), Green Griggion, limestone, Cotswold chippings and Bubbenhall pea for our porous driveways, paths and parking areas.


Our second featured project is north of Cirencester in Gloucestershire. The existing shingle driveway was laid by us a few years ago. The main parking area near the house was performing well but the 50m long access road was beginning to pothole and rut. This is a continual problem with gravel and shingle drives, it only needs a small piece to be dislodged for a pothole to start to form. The answer was to lay two tramlines of Ecogrid to prevent this.

gloucester gravel stabilisersGloucestershire plastic pourous paving

We removed the shingle from the existing road, leveled and compacted the base and repaired the potholes. The stabilisation grids were then quickly laid, (within one hour).

gloucestershire porous paving contractor

Once the grids were laid it was simply a matter of filling the whole area with shingle. We would normally recommend that that the entire area is covered with the plastic gridding, but in this case where the road was narrow and cars were restricted to a single route, (part of the problem in the first place), then tramlines of Ecogrid work well.

Shingle driveway Cirencestergravel driveway Cirencester

Once the shingle is laid it’s hard to tell the Ecogrid is there, (which is the whole idea). As soon as you walk or drive on it however, the surface feels much firmer and there’s none of that movement normally associated with a shingle drive.


Our final example was a worn out and tired shingle driveway in Gloucester. The owners needed a drive they could maneuver on without the shingle rutting and spreading, (something that constantly happened with the old one). Ecogrid shingle stabilisers were the perfect answer. The whole 150 square metre drive was refurbished in one day whilst the homeowners were at work.

Shingle stabilisation grids in Gloucestergravel drive in gloucester

In this example we used 10mm crushed flint, (Newbury flint), to cover the driveway. Flint is one of the best materials for a driveway, path or parking area because it’s totally frost proof, clean and almost indestructible. In fact, the majority of our shingle porous paving projects are finished with a crushed flint surface.


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